Environment protection bank

पर्यावरण संरक्षण एवं जागरूकता अभियान-२०२२

On behalf of 'World Environment Council, Delhi', an active campaign to create awareness about environment is being organized from 1st August 2022 in all the schools and colleges from all over the India and all over the world. However, a statement is being made on behalf of the World Environment Council that all schools and colleges should actively participate in this activity.

Today's techno-savvy students are constantly busy with their mobile phones. While learning something new, they are quick to ask many questions but do not seem to make any effort to actually ask the same questions. Children and young people especially in the first few years of life learn new concepts, new things very quickly accepted. For example, children can speak a new language more naturally than adults.

Children's brains are like sponges. It is the responsibility of schools to create awareness in their minds towards their future ideals. It is necessary to go beyond just teaching them to read and write and also to teach them awareness on topics like 'Environment Conservation'.

*'World Environment Council'* is a globally active organization conducting various environmental awareness activities in all schools and colleges in India, which encourages students to connect with and protect the environment and also helps create more environmental awareness among the common citizens.

“Environment Protection Bank”

'पर्यावरण संरक्षण बँक'

Under the innovative campaign 'Environment Protection Bank' many programs are currently being implemented on the following topics.

1. Let's go to nature.

2. Let's restore mountains and natural places.

3. Let's build a seed bank for future generations.

4. Save old and rare trees.

5. Save animals and all living things. (Bhutdaya paramo dharma:.)

6. Save rivers and oceans.

7. Educate everyone about the environment, embrace innovation and be conscious about the health of the environment.

8. Restoration of Biodiversity.

9. Use of renewable energy.

10. Use of environmentally friendly products.

Apart from this, the council helps to impart environmental education through various activities and campaigns in schools and colleges. You can invite the World Environment Council to your school and college to provide environmental education to future generation.

*Registration Link* https://forms.gle/8WLrcvP78vTzTpDJ8

For more information and details - contact us at worldenvironmentcouncil@gmail.com or call *+91-9822949285*.

 Website: www.wec.org.in

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* Prof. Ganesh Prakash Channa,*


*('World Environment Council', Delhi, India.)*

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